The Holiday Card, Set In Motion

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We’re definitely in holiday season nowadays, and for some that means it’s time to start working on the infamous family “holiday card” that they send out to all their friends and relatives. This year, though, thanks to digital technology, some families are working on sending out digital photo albums or movies instead of a boring written card. Of course, the quality on these “productions” varies – but some say that doing too good of a job leads to too many expectations for what you’re going to do to top your last work.

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Comments on “The Holiday Card, Set In Motion”

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David says:

No Subject Given

Tell me about it… last year I doctored various famous movie posters (like ‘Gladiator’) and put my one-year old on them in place of the star – send them out as calendars. So there was his grinning face instead of Elijah Wood on a Lord of the Rings (or Lord of the Grins) poster, or his head on top of Russell Crowe’s body for Gladiator. Can’t beat that this year… don’t have the capability to do films!

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