MIDP 2.0 arrives

Sun has updated the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) spec to version 2.0. The new version allows richer and more secure Java applications for handsets. Java is gaining ground with carriers across network technologies, where its main competitor Qualcomm’s BREW platform is targeted at CDMA carriers. The one advantage of BREW, which surprisingly Sun has not tried to replicate, is the application provisioning and aggregation service. BREW is a complete turnkey platform for offering downloadable applications to handsets. Carriers can create their own service on top of it and pick and choose from applications that Qualcomm has aggregated. Sun’s approach is simply to empower developers with tools and leave application aggregation, distribution and provisioning to others. They have a great developer base, but no clear business model for developers. Sun would be smart to help developers and carriers come together and make sure that both can make money.

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