Making Head-Mounted Displays Look Cooler

from the no-more-cyborg-dorks dept

Geeks know that head-mounted displays are simply cool, in general. However, they don’t look very cool. It seems that the HMD makers are working to change that by making head-mounted displays more chic. They’re doing their best to fit all the technology into the basic frames of glasses, so that people don’t have to put on a huge helmet just to see a computer screen in front of their eyes. They have a great quote from wearable computing-expert Wayne Pierkarski saying, “People don’t want to walk around advertising that they’re a cyborg dork.” It seems that some are hoping that nice-looking HMDs may be available for next year’s holiday season (though, there’s no indication in the article as to just how much such a system will cost).

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Comments on “Making Head-Mounted Displays Look Cooler”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Googly Eyes!

We should have horn rimmed glasses that project images into spherical lenses, so the wearer appears to have super-big eyes. They should come with “antenna accessories” that look like metallic masking tape wound around the frame.

We should get chest straps to hold our 6 cell phones, PDAs, pagers, etc. into. I want to carry 6 cell phones with color-coded zebra fur covers, and make them ring constantly during a job interview with anthems of third world countries.

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