Gateway Gambles On A New Strategy

from the too-little-too-late? dept

Gateway, clearly, has had some problems over the past few years, and Dell and Compaq seemed to overshadow Gateway’s main business. It was clear they needed to do something, and now it looks like they’re trying to become more and more like Apple by offering consumer electronics and other items to go around the computer (though, unlike Apple, they’re not designing their own products, to give them that added “cool” factor). They’re also sticking with their Gateway Country store concept (similar to Apple’s stores). In the long run, this move is probably the smartest play for them, since focusing just on PCs is looking increasingly like a dead-end. Offering other items around the PC is looking more and more like the future. However, it’s still questionable if Gateway can pull this off, or if this is just too little, too late from them.

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Comments on “Gateway Gambles On A New Strategy”

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1 Comment
Tatum says:

Smartest move, or only move?

Dell creamed them in the small biz market- the only market that can generate profits in PC sales now- so this was probably their only move. Also, we should have seen it coming since Waitt has been hanging in Hollywood and investing in companies like, Listen, etc. for years.

But…they will be lagging hard behind Apple. I’m begging like a 12-year old for a 20-gig iPod for Christmas, and I’ve started browsing Powerbooks to make “the switch”. I’m such a sucker for a marketing campaign where stoned 15-year olds try to sell me things. 😉

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