Technology Predictions For 2012

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Well, December has started, and that means it’s time for all sorts of useless predictions. Most of those will be predictions for 2003, so I’ll probably ignore most of them (though, a few of the more interesting ones may find their way into posts). However, Mike Langberg is going a bit more long term (following on his review last week of his predictions from a decade ago) and is predicting technology trends for 2013. Mostly he’s just extrapolating a few of the bigger trends of today (more devices getting connected to the internet, instant messaging, and TiVo type trends…) and pushing them forward – but it’s still fun to read predictions for ten years from now.

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Comments on “Technology Predictions For 2012”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Aging of the Computer Industry

Not to mention, we’ll see more grey haired geezers running IT companies. It’s not a new industry anymore. New ideas will go through many committees and tests, with their decades of accumulated wisdom, before being put to market. Computers will have yearly models, $400 environmental impact fees, and required annual inspections. People will complain about how computers are becoming a requirement for living, that computers are ruining the environment/culture/whatever.

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