Homeland Agency Holds Line On Tech Spending

from the no-windfall-here dept

Ever since September 11th there have been all these stories about how the new focus on security would be an opportunity for tech companies to cash in (which they desperately needed thanks to the downturn). However, reality hasn’t panned out that way. Now, the Washington Post is saying that the official creation of the Homeland Security Department isn’t likely to create much new opportunity for tech startups. It may open up opportunity for big established government contractors, but that’s about it. So, startups with business plans around this area might want to rethink their plans.

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Comments on “Homeland Agency Holds Line On Tech Spending”

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dorpus says:

How Washington Works

The big government contractors in Washington require developers who can get “security clearances”. What this means is that ex-military boys (mostly from the South) give each other security clearances, and civilian peons are mostly excluded.

When they run out of qualified candidates, contractors will befriend senators, who will either grant security clearances or use their clout, so that in the end, pakistani programmers develop sensitive national security systems.

All this stuff is an open secret in Washington’s IT industry. When anything is “national security”, it receives automatic immunity to external accountability. The government will otherwise obsess over the procurement process of only buying a certain percentage of computers from certain vendors; by the time the government has made up its mind, the models will be a few years obsolete. Thus the vendors will receive special compensation, and the cycle is repeated.

e. Gould says:

Re: How Washington Works

The writer has absolutely no idea how security clearances are granted. A Senator CANNOT “Grant” a security clearance………..In fact, a Senator cannot influence the granting of a clearance. It would be a crime to even attempt to influence the issuance of a clearance.

If the writer is aware of ANY foreign nationals currently developing classified programs or has any contact with classified information I’d like to know specifics. The exceptions for foreign nationals are RARE to Non-EXISTENT.

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