Where Is All This Spam Coming From

from the it's-just-too-easy dept

Yet another article looking at the “spam” problem, that finds that the reason we’re getting so much spam these days is that it’s just too easy to be a spammer. It’s easy for everyone involved – except the recipient, of course. It’s easy for the company that wants their information out there, and it’s easy for the person sending the emails. It’s easy to get a huge list of email addresses. It’s easy to find an open relay, and it’s easy to work spamming software. The scariest part of the article, though, is when someone suggests that the stigma associated with spamming has gone away. I don’t think that’s true, but the fact that someone has suggested it can’t be a good thing. Clearly, the way to slow down the spam brigades is to make it more difficult for everyone involved, but so far, not much has worked.

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