SpeedPass-Style System Moves Into Restaurants

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It’s been almost two years since McDonalds started experimenting with letting customers buy food even faster by using their Exxon SpeedPass device, and only now did someone think that a similar system might be useful in other restaurants. Bank of America is apparently testing a speedpass-like system at a bunch of restaurants to let people pay for things quickly. I wonder about this. First of all, I don’t see how it’s that much faster than a credit card – which is pretty fast, after all. The only major difference seems to be that you don’t have to sign anything with the new system… which also means that anyone who steals your card or device doesn’t need to forge your signature to buy stuff. Also, with different companies offering different such systems, it’s going to get annoying if your Bank of America QuickWave doesn’t work in some places, while the Exxon SpeedPass does.

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