Political Spam: Get Used To It

from the won't-that-be-fun dept

Salon has their article on political spam, discussing all the cases that have been discussed before, though focusing mostly on the lawsuit against Elizabeth Dole for spamming. What’s more interesting about this article, though, is that it goes into a little bit more detail about those who are for and against political spam. Many politicians, clearly, are for it – which makes for an interesting set of questions when it comes to their judgment in evaluating anti-spam laws. Free speech advocates also say they have no problem with it. However, others suggest that it’s trespassing. They admit that the message in political spam is free, and is welcomed to be put out there – but the method of delivery is going too far. The best example in the article is that a politician could dump a bunch of fliers from an airplane, blanketing a city. The message on the fliers is protected by free speech. The dumping of fliers, however, is littering.

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