Web-Inspired Ads Coming To TV

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Yet another story on how television broadcasters are experimenting with new, more creative ways to get advertising in front of viewers. The latest trend, is to do a (much less obtrusive) version of the pop-up ad, by taking over a tiny portion of the screen to say “this show sponsored by… “. The much more interesting, though not explored, part of the article, though, is the quote from the person saying that while she skips most commercials with her TiVo, she does stop to watch ones that look interesting or funny. It’s been said over and over again that there are plenty of people who like to watch ads if they’re entertaining. It’s just that lazy television executives don’t want to think about having to make sure the ads are entertaining. Of course, you would think that entertaining ads that people stop to watch would also be much more effective – since now people are making a much more concerted effort to watch them. Also, the type of person who stops to watch an ad, is also probably more likely to remember the products being advertised and be brand conscious.

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Comments on “Web-Inspired Ads Coming To TV”

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Bishop says:

Watching ads

My friends hate me. I’m a HUGE channel-watcher. The good ones I’ll force all my friends to sit though – movie promos, decent bud commercials replayed from the year’s super bowl, something that showed some kind of thought and talent, unlike so much of the TV we canucks suck down from over the border.

Would that we WERE watching commercials in exchange for TV programmes like that idiot from Time Warner claimed – I could at least ask for my money back every time I hear “Pearl girl, She’s a pearl girl”. I could make more money suing Time-warner for better programmes to offset the painfully stupid casino advertisements then I do suing people who spam my washington self.

Then again, I’d probably have to start paying again, as WB shows far too many revlon commercials (supermodels, silly) during the breaks.

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