Playing To Win: How EA Makes Games

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There have been a ton of articles lately about how the one tech industry that is doing well is the gaming industry. Many people say it’s a perfect mix of technology and entertainment, and is well positioned, despite the economy. The top of the gaming heap is EA, and Fast Company takes a look behind the scenes at how EA makes their games – and how they work to make sure they’re successful. They say it’s becoming more and more like the way a movie studio makes movies, but more difficult. There are more things that can go wrong, and more things that need to be done – but there’s less room for error.

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Comments on “Playing To Win: How EA Makes Games”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Will there ever be non-violent games?

Well, I think the success of games like Myst and the Sims over the past few years suggests that many of the gaming companies really are trying to expand beyond the old first-person shooter genre.

Also, sports games still have a big market.

However, I will admit that there still are a ton of violent games out there. It does seem to be what people want…

Al says:

Re: Re: Will there ever be non-violent games?

It’s what the game companies know, it’s not what (everyone) wants. There is a lot of untapped ground in the gaming market. How about some more artistically and culturally inspired games? I want to play a game as good as some of the greatest books I have read, as good as “The Magic Mountain” or “The Door to Summer”

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