Bond Gadgets: Fact, Fiction, Fun

from the how-it-impacted-product-development-and-vice-versa dept

MSNBC is running a piece about the various gadgets from James Bond films over the years, talking about how realistic they were, and (more interestingly) what sort of impact those gadgets had. It seems like they give those gadgets a little too much credit, but they claim that it introduced people to new worlds by showing them the possibilities of technology – and even mention that the technology helped convince certain people to become engineers, scientists, or to join the CIA. They say that some of the products did accurately portray some spy technology, but most were a bit more far out. The article also mentions that, in general, the real spy is better off without funky technology that would identify him or her as a spy. This article also mentions the “CIA liaison” to Hollywood which we mentioned a couple months ago. I still want to know who made the decision in the CIA to create such a position.

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