Operators Holding Bluetooth Back?

FierceWireless found an interesting story from Time Europe about operators being partially responsible for slow Bluetooth uptake. The Time story says that operators are afraid that the Bluetooth cordless telephony profile (CTP), could allow businesses and consumers to bypass mobile networks at their homes and offices. Bluetooth handsets with CTP could be used as cordless telephones when in range of a Bluetooth access point connected to a landline. Not surprisingly mobile operators aren’t requesting handsets with CTP. But CTP is not what’s keeping Bluetooth from becoming popular. It is certainly an interesting application of Bluetooth and could be very useful for corporate customers. But the real problem with Bluetooth is that there just aren’t a lot of Bluetooth handsets available period. In the US there are only two officially released Bluetooth handsets. Leading handset maker Nokia offers eight Bluetooth handsets, all high end models, and 3 of which aren’t even shipping yet.

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