Diamonds? Who Cares? Give Women Gadgets

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Last year we posted the results of a study in the UK saying that women there were big fans of gadgets as gifts. A new study in the US says that chicks dig gadgets here, as well. Forget such old fashioned notions as flowers, chocolates and diamond rings. Instead go for Danger Sidekicks, digital cameras, and an HDTV.

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Comments on “Diamonds? Who Cares? Give Women Gadgets”

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whit says:


Just before reading this item I was on Slashdot (slow work day), where the latest posting is about a 10-in-1 Atari system built in the form factor of the old Atari joysticks.

No console required, and it plays Adventure, Real Sports Volleyball, Gravitar, Video Olympics, Circus Atari, Yar’s Revenge, Asteroids, Centipede, Breakout, and Missile Command.

This is actually relevant, as the only place that the poster was able to find this item for sale was on the Avon site. Rather amusing to see a retro gaming toy and “Hydrofirming Night Cream” sold on the same page…

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Avon/Atari

That is awesome. I say this as someone who spent 12 years with an Atari 800. I never recovered. To this day I still don’t get those new console gaming controllers. Give me a standard joystick any day and let me play… This has to go on the wishlist, though…

Anyway, more to the point… Avon? I wonder how many they’re selling.

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