Posting Coupon Codes Is Fraud?

from the explain-that-one... dept

Following on the post last night about Disney coupon codes being spread online, the Register has an interesting article about a retailer in the UK that accused an online forum operator of fraud, because people on their site were posting coupon codes. The forum operator shut down the forum, and the company in question says they won’t sue. What I’m wondering is how is that possibly fraud on the part of the operator of the site? Like any ISP, first of all, they have no say over the content that is being posted. Second, I don’t see how posting a coupon code itself could possibly be “fraud”. The problem is the fault of the retailer who didn’t create very intelligent coupon codes that could only be used once. That’s not fraud on the part of the forum operator, it’s poor design on the part of the retailer.

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