Few Problems Reported With High-Tech Voting Systems

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It says something about our experiences with various voting “technologies” that it’s a big story that there haven’t been any major problems announced with new high tech voting machines being used in today’s elections. There have been a few small glitches here and there, but nothing too bad.

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Comments on “Few Problems Reported With High-Tech Voting Systems”

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1 Comment
SINNER X says:

Is This Guy out of his mind?

there are problems in at least 5 states which will undoubitly wind up in the state supreme courts so we get to see what happened with the presidential elections all over again, this time in multiple states. Electronic voting was a terrible Idea with out first doing MASS user testing in real life scenarios.

Possibly having normal voting THIS year with an electronic machine insode the booth but only for testing while real votes were dont the old fasion way

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