The Google Gods

from the knock-on-Google-day dept

So, it appears the Google backlash continues. is running a full story about people who are upset with Google for changing their rankings. They say that Google searches have become so important to them finding business, that any change in their rankings has a huge, noticeable impact. Because of this, they feel that Google needs to be “regulated” in some way to guarantee the results are “fair”. Of course, they fail to mention that Google really is regulated – by public opinion. If their search results really aren’t that good, then others will come along and provide better search results for people to flock to. If you depend entirely on Google to drive traffic to your site, you might want to rethink your promotions strategy. After all, it is a free promotion. In the end, Google still seems to be very good at finding what you want. If you want to rank high on Google, make sure your page is relevant to the search terms you’re hoping people will put in to find you.

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