Tiny Optical Disc Could Store Five Movies

from the progress-marches-on dept

Joe Schmoe writes “Two years from now the world’s smallest optical disc will let your cellphone store five two-hour movies, squirrel away 25,000 digital photos or hoard 48 hours of MP3 music.” The article talks about some (until now, at least) secret research being done at Phillips to design a tiny optical disc capable of holding significantly more data. Hopefully they have more success with it than Dataplay had with their attempt at a new, smaller disc format.

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Comments on “Tiny Optical Disc Could Store Five Movies”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

More useless formats

It just means that consumers today will have to trash their incompatible DVD’s, for the new-fangled version. I definitely smell a procrastinator’s advantage here. VHS works fine for me, and having a 56k modem on all evening blocks all solicitor calls. I used to have a cell phone, but it didn’t work at home, in the office, or usually in the car, so I ditched it.

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