Fledgling Internet Pharmacy Offers Seniors Big Medication Discounts

from the cheap-drugs dept

I guess today is senior citizens day on Techdirt (I’m sure my grandparents, who read Techdirt religiously, will let me hear about this). First we have the article (beneath this one) about monitoring senior citizens with sensors in their home, and now we talk about an online pharmacy that imports prescription medication from Canada so people can get cheaper drugs. The thing I wonder about is how people decide whether or not to trust an online pharmacy like that. From the article, they certainly sound legit, but I would be incredibly hesitant to trust my life to some random dot com I’ve never heard of. I mean, if I order a book at a random e-commerce site and never get it, it’s not the end of the world. But, if I don’t get the right medication, it could be…

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