Personal Locator Beacons – The New Call Of The Wild

from the forget-the-cell-phone dept

Two years ago we had a story about hikers and campers going out into the wilderness without much preparation and then just using their mobile phones to call for a rescue. One year ago, we posted another story saying it was getting even worse (including a guy who called for a “rescue” because he was late for a meeting). Now, people will be able to buy their own personal locator beacon which can be used to call in the rescue team. While this can certainly be helpful for those who are really lost, I wonder if people will start to rely on such systems instead of actually preparing for their trip.

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Comments on “Personal Locator Beacons – The New Call Of The Wild”

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The Misanthrope (user link) says:

Thinning the Herd (not)

“I wonder if people will start to rely on such systems instead of actually preparing for their trip.”
Do you really have to wonder?
I call it “daytime running light syndrome” (DTRLS), also known as “let me wipe your ass for you,” where, by completely eliminating thought and common sense we take yet another step toward a world filled with idiots – in the case of DTRs, people who haven’t got the brains to perform the simple task of turning on headlights when it’s rainy, foggy, or dark. (Also, DTRs have taken any meaning out of vehicles running with lights on during the day – funeral procession, etc.)
The Coast Guard used to come a-runnin’ with a free tow and/or fuel when a MAYDAY went out from a pleasure craft dead in the water whose captain (usually by virtue of the scrambled eggs he bought at the marina store) was dumb enough to not stick the tanks before leaving the dock. I believe they are charging for the service now. Which is probably what led to fuel gauges on boats where once knowledge of fuel held, consumption and distance to travel/traveled yielded fuel used/fuel remaining. DTRLS.

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