E-mail: Killer App or Business Killer?

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Yet another publisher of an email newsletter is complaining about spam filters blocking out his email. He points out that for all the talk about email being a killer app, spam is quickly turning it into a business killer. I agree that many spam filters are a little too over eager to block out spam, but I think that will become less of a problem as the filters get better. At the same time, I do wonder about any filter offering that doesn’t at least let the recipient review which emails were tagged as spam to make sure it doesn’t catch any legit emails (and then let people whitelist those addresses).

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Comments on “E-mail: Killer App or Business Killer?”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I think just about any solution that relies on “somebody else” setting up the filters, whether it be your employer or ISP, is doomed to have this kind of problem. What we need is some sort of personal filter service that is very easy to administer and “train.” I’ve seen a few things that integrae with Outlook that are headed in the right direction.

Those of us that use alternative mail clients will probably always be on our own…

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