Using Traffic Cameras To Track Down The Sniper

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Worried about all those surveillance cameras creating a “Big Brother” society where people are spied on at every moment? The NY Times is discussing how police could be using traffic cameras to help find the sniper currently terrorizing the Washington DC area. While I think it’s good that the police are working hard to piece together clues, this does (again) raise issues of what privacy people should expect to have once they leave their homes. It sounds like most current traffic cameras aren’t all that useful and don’t store info for very long. However, I’m sure it won’t be long before a criminal is caught based on traffic cameras.

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Comments on “Using Traffic Cameras To Track Down The Sniper”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Once again last night though, they shut down the Interstates and all other major roads. I appreciate the effort to catch the sniper (one shooting was about a mile from my house), but I have a real problem with stopping tens of thousands of people when they have no evidence that the killer is even on that road. I have a networking event to attend Wed night and I’m worried about going. I’m not worried about getting shot, I’m worried about being stuck on the highway for 6 hours if there is another shooting.

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