LookSmart Tries To Outsmart Google

from the try,-try-again dept

It seems that everyone in the search space is gunning for Google these days. LookSmart just brought on a new CEO and he says his number one goal is to topple Google. I think such a move isn’t necessarily the smartest strategy. It makes sense to approach the market from a different direction offering something compelling in a different way, then to try a head on competition with a company that has as good a reputation as Google has. Most everyone says that LookSmart’s search technology isn’t as good as Google’s – and about the only advantage LookSmart can name is that they don’t co-brand the search engines they sell to other sites. They say this means they don’t compete with their customers, but Google claims they don’t compete with their customers either. In fact, Google believes that having a site offer Google searches can actually improve traffic, since users know that Google is worth using.

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