Vote On Delayng Webcasters Royalty Rates Cancelled

from the lobbyists--at-work dept

Last week we had an article about a bill in Congress that would webcasting fees that are scheduled to go into effect this month. Today, however, the sponsors of the bill cancelled the vote saying that webcasters and music industry were close to an agreement on their own to settle the problems. However, many people are saying that the vote was really cancelled due to heavy lobbying from the music industry and their friends, ensuring that the bill would not receive the necessary votes. In other words, the music industry is doing everything possible to kill off webcasting as fast as possible.

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Comments on “Vote On Delayng Webcasters Royalty Rates Cancelled”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:


It’s an election year. They need to paid off in order to run lots and lots of negative ads that the people are sick of seeing. They know all you registered Democrats and Republics will vote along party lines like well trained lemmings. They know that you’re not going to vote against them based on this issue. They can ignore you, keep your vote and make some money. Try registering as independant/undecided. Vote along party lines if you must. This way your voice might be heard a little more…

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