Junked Government PCs Offer Data For Taking

from the some-security dept

Joe Schmoe writes “Some quotes from this wonderful article highlighting how information is literally being “given” away while we are all worrying about it being pilfred from internet sites and identity theft! “…One day they’re spending millions on firewalls and encryption to protect these computers and the next they’re selling them to the highest bidder. You say, ‘You shred your documents, why don’t you shred your computers,’ and they go, ‘Ooohhhh, my god.’…” and “…Some states give obsolete equipment to prisons for training inmates,” he said. “There have been a lot of identity thefts and even cases of ex-cons stalking state employees….” Also interesting is the fact that when they sell the equipment they tell you where it came from. Who isn’t going to look over the PC they just bought from the CIA for some info?

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