DIY DVD Commentary

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This topic has been discussed before, but it seems like it might finally be starting to catch on (okay, maybe just in a few limited circles). The idea is that anyone can create commentary for a movie that can be played along with the DVD. Right now there’s one website out there that people can upload these commentaries to, but some others seem to be in the planning. Even better, though, is a soon-to-be-released software product that will let you record your own commentary and then burn it to DVD, along with the movie. Of course, Hollywood lawyers will have a field day with that one – but as they point out in the article, programs such as this would encourage more people to buy movies in all likelihood. Of course, there are some questions as to how popular features like this really are – and even some fans admit that it’s always going to be a very niche sort of thing. Personally, I love listening to director commentaries because I’m interested in the details of how they made the movie. I’m not sure I’m interested in random comments from someone not involved with the movie.

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