Berman Speaks About Hollywood Hacking Bill

from the why-don't-you-try-answering-the-questions? dept

Wired Magazine has an interview with Congressman Howard Berman, the author of the controversial Hollywood hacking bill that would let copyright owners hack P2P networks in an attempt to “protect” their intellectual property. What is clear from reading the interview is that Berman has no clue what he’s talking about. Also, like any good politician, he almost never actually answers the question asked of him. Instead, he uses each question as a platform to say whatever he wants to say. First, he compares his bill, which involves proactively hacking into someone else’s machine, to “locking your own door”. When Wired points out to him that the two are quite different, instead of responding, he starts ranting about people downloading music. Then, when Wired points out that there are legitimate P2P uses that his bill will block, he says, (basically) that he doesn’t care – and that since the “primary” use of all P2P networks must be for stealing, he has to do something to disrupt their business method.

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