Unemployed Tech Execs Put Up Their Own Site

from the too-good-for-monster.com? dept

It seems that a bunch of out of work tech execs have banded together to put up their own site to post resumes, network, and look for jobs. I’m not sure why any of the regular job sites such as Monster and Hotjobs aren’t good enough for them. I hadn’t realized that executives needed their own private corner. Of course, my first thought, was how many of these former executives really deserved to be executives in the first place. During the age of title inflation plenty of “executives” really didn’t deserve the positions they held.

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Comments on “Unemployed Tech Execs Put Up Their Own Site”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Uh... actually...

Anyone who doesn’t use web bugs in their resume to track who’s reading and distributing their resume just doesn’t get the Internet and is probably having a hard time finding a job for a reason…

Anyone who dependins on third party sites to distribute their resume is just plain lazy.

Anyone who *pays* to have their resume distributed is patently stupid.

Your resume is content. There’s absolutely no reason that it can be fun for both you and the reader. If you can’t engage the reader, what does that really say about *you*.

Just take a look at fscked company.

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