Online Gambling On A Roll

from the yeah,-sure-it's-illegal dept

Despite claims that online gambling is illegal in the US, it seems that it’s growing in acceptance in the US. Congress won’t pass a specific bill banning online gambling, and there are some loopholes in the Wire Act, which is currently what bans online gambling. It seems, technically, the act online bans gambling on sporting events and contests – and regular gambling isn’t considered a contest, because you’re gambling against the odds. There have also been a few court cases recently that seem to indicate that they’re only ruling against online sports wagering. The Federal Government also hasn’t brought any online casinos to court, despite saying that they’re illegal. Now, the big Nevada casinos are pushing forward with their online gambling sites, and seem to think they won’t have much of a problem. How long until someone in the government decides we need a Greek-style law banning all computer games to combat this “problem”?

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