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A somewhat rambling piece from Michael Malone at Forbes ASAP talking about some realizations he recently made about how the technology world is changing. Basically he’s suddenly realizing how his kids view technology, and it’s a bit different than the way he does. He realized that digital audio and video means that people will be able to do amazing things with music. For example, if you’re listening to a cover version of a song and want to hear every other version, you can easily do that. Or if you want to hear other songs written by the same composer. Or using the same instrument. Of course, he forgets to mention that the RIAA is doing their damndest to make sure this isn’t possible. At the same time, he was surprised that his kids are demanding the latest and greatest computers from companies he’s never heard about. These are gaming boxes, specifically developed to be “hot rod” computers for the gaming world. He suddenly realizes that kids who would have been working on their cars in decades past will now be working on upgrading their computer and making it cooler.

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