Tech Skills Not Keeping Pace

from the worker-shortage dept

While there are plenty of out of work techies who would probably disagree with this, it appears that there may be a technology worker shortage approaching again. People are saying that there are fewer qualified applicants for high-end technical positions, and fewer people going through training to learn these systems. Once the economy picks up, there is likely to be a very large skills gap. While I do think that many employers place too much emphasis on people having very specific skills (many techies can easily harness knowledge of one system into quick learning on other systems), there are also plenty of techies who don’t seem to keep up with what is important for them to know about. The article also says that with the dot com collapse, learning computer science isn’t “sexy” any more. Of course, if the worker shortage continues, and salaries rise, suddenly it could become a lot more attractive again. Either way, it doesn’t seem like the smartest career move for people to go into a job just because it makes a lot of money. If they’re going to hate the work, then they’re never going to be great workers.

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Comments on “Tech Skills Not Keeping Pace”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

There is no shortage.

There never was. The “shortage” is in people who have the knowledge of an enitre IT department and are willing to sacrifice their own personal lives for a corporation that could care less about its employees for a fraction of the cost of an IT department. Forgive me Corporate America for wanting to live and be paid reasonably for my work. I’d rather take $10k less a year and do the job of one or two people than carry the load of an entire department on my own.

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