Microsoft Annoyed That People Aren't Throwing Money At Them For Web Services

from the what's-the-benefit? dept

For years people have been talking about web services – and they very rarely can explain what they mean by it. The definition has (finally) gotten much clearer in the last year or so, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s been out there explaining what the actual benefits of web services are, in a way that your average person would understand. So, I’m not surprised that they’re not catching on that quickly. Microsoft, however, seems positively shocked that people haven’t figured out (for themselves) all the benefits of web services and started throwing cash at Microsoft to manage a single interface to a number of web services. Of course, it seems that Jim Allchin (who is quoted as complaining about those silly people not simply realizing how important web services are to Microsoft) seems a bit behind on the news. He points out that Amazon doesn’t have a web services offering. Apparently he missed the fanfare with which they launched SOAP interface a few months back. Maybe if Allchin and others at Microsoft spent more time explaining the actual benefits of web services, and less complaining that people aren’t giving them money, things would be a bit different.

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