Can Yahoo Make Them Pay?

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For a while after Terry Semel took over at Yahoo it seemed like everyone couldn’t wait to write about how he failed. It seems the tide is turning. Six months or so after he started, they were practically writing obituaries for him. One year after he started the the reviews were mixed, but at least they weren’t all trying to talk about what a failure he was. Now, suddenly, people are noticing that Semel may have turned Yahoo around. There are still plenty of questions, and it’s not clear that Semel’s strategy will work, but he certainly seems to have a plan and is sticking to it. Personally, I think Yahoo has done a dreadful job lately in meeting the needs of their users. They seem to believe that making money is mutually exclusive from listening to what your users want. While they have tried to increase the value of their offerings in some cases, mostly they’ve focused on ways to be more annoying, in order to force you to pay.

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Comments on “Can Yahoo Make Them Pay?”

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1 Comment
Steve Snyder says:

I'm still amazed at yahoo's free services

Yeah, they’ve been doing things to make some people mad lately. I don’t know about how they’ve failed to meet user’s demands or any of that. My personal experience with my email and, fantasy football, and yahoo groups, is that I’m still very happy with how much they provide for free. I was thinking of setting up a site for my high school class reunion stuff, and ended up doing a yahoo group because all the stuff they provided for free would have taken me hours and cost me money do do on my own.

I’m not a yahoo zealat or anything, I’m perfectly willing to listen to examples of why anyone thinks they’re being bad to users, but I’ve been very happy and keep wondering how they give me as much free stuff as they do.

steve snyder

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