Why Do Mobile Phones Make Us Stupid?

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We all know the debates that rage about using mobile phones while driving. However, now, a columnist over at MSNBC is wondering why mobile phones makes us more stupid in general. She points out a few simple examples of people in public (including herself) who simply aren’t paying attention while using mobile phones, and doing things that are either dangerous or simply rude as a consequence. The article also brings up the issue of whether or not mobile phones kill the art of conversation – and of enjoying the moment. She talks about people who simply need to be on the phone during random tasks, such as grocery shopping, discussing how they rearranged each aisle, rather than just shopping in silence. I agree that some people do get a little too attached to using their mobile phones when they should just learn to keep quiet – but I think (again) that blaming the technology is a weak response. The technology is just a tool – and the stupidity is just enhanced by it. Though, the article does provide one thought provoking fact: a study has shown that kids in Japan who have mobile phones do worse in schools than those without mobile phones.

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Comments on “Why Do Mobile Phones Make Us Stupid?”

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1 Comment
Alex Bell says:

Cell Phones

One good (for the user) thing about the ever-decreasing size of cell phones is the reduced amount of discomfort the users must endure when I tell them to stick their phones up their asses.
Of course we can’t blame the technology any more than we can blame guns for killing people, nuclear technology for nuclear bombs. The technology itself is never to blame; trusting people to do the right thing (or to not do the wrong thing) with it is.
The world is at no shortage for rude, annoying, selfish and stupid people. The cell phone is their perfect tool. Habit, addiction, or just plain affectation, a cell phone asshole is a cell phone asshole. To paraphrase the old cowboy hat joke, what do hemorrhoids and cell phones have in common….?

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