State Laws Try To Catch Up With Cyberstalkers

from the cyberstalking-on-trial dept

The first cyberstalking lawsuit opens this week in Illinois, and it highlights the fact that cyberstalking is a growing issue. Most states now have cyberstalking laws on the books, but very little has been done to enforce the laws. A lot of people don’t know what officially qualifies as cyberstalking, and often, the police don’t want to get involved unless a physical crime has taken place related to the cyberstalking. However, the article does point out that many cyberstalkers stop as soon as they are contacted by authorities and realize just how stupid they’ve been.

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Comments on “State Laws Try To Catch Up With Cyberstalkers”

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1 Comment
RN/Animal Advocate says:

Cyberstalkers for years w/out repercussion

I have two males who have stalked me in person with a camera and have posted unbelievable slander of me on Blogs and on youtubes. This has been going on for over 4 years. One individual has stolen private documents from my home and posted them online, committed ID theft, created false Blogs with my name, stalked me on local Blogs, stolen most of my pictures of my dogs that now are dead., called people who work w/ me etc.. The DA will not do anything. My only choice in to sue the county and any law enforcement agency who refuses to file a report against these psycho jerks. For the record both individuals are judgment proof.
I have lost thousands of dollars, my non-profit has been severely affected, my significant others business has closed. This has caused us severe emotional distress. We live in Northern California. Our DA hates women.

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