ICANN Threatens To Revoke Network Solutions Ability To Sell Dot Coms

from the yeah,-right dept

ICANN, upset that everyone in the world knows they have no real power in the domain naming world, has decided to flex its muscles a bit to show everyone just how powerful they could be. They’ve decided to target VeriSign’s Network Solutions, the original dot com registrar, by pointing out a few random instances where Network Solutions hasn’t maintained an accurate Whois directory – which violates ICANN’s accreditation agreement. So, they say if VeriSign doesn’t “clean up”, they’re going to pull their ability to sell dot coms. Yeah, right. This is a publicity stunt by ICANN to show that they really really can be tough if you really really want to see them get that way. There’s no way they would pull Verisign’s registrar rights – even if they do deserve to be pulled for a lot more reasons than are described in the ICANN complaint.

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