Mobile Phone Users Becoming More Polite?

from the well,-at-least-they-know-what-to-say dept

A new study says that mobile phone users are finally getting the etiquette message. The study shows fewer Americans think it’s okay to be talking on mobile phones in public places. However, many people insist that they don’t see any change. If anything, people think that others shouldn’t be using mobile phones in public places – but they, themselves have special circumstances that make it ok.

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Comments on “Mobile Phone Users Becoming More Polite?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

What’s wrong with using a cell phone in public? Provided it’s not in a library, movie theater or other “quiet place” where the issue? Would these same people have a problem if I talked to someone standing beside me in public? What’s the difference? Is it that these guardians of etiquette are upset that they can’t listen in on the entire conversation?

quietman says:

Re: No Subject Given

The problem is simple – mobile phone users shout. I suspect that people in the USA dont know the half of it as mobile phone is nothing like as prevalent there as in Europe I suspect. Example : I was sitting on the train across the aisle from a guy who was clear in the process of splitting up with his girlfriend/wife. If she had been there in person i bet the conversation would have been much quieter if it happened at all.

By all means use your phone in public, just don’t shout.

Deb says:

Re: Re: banal conversations

I’ve never overheard anything as horrific as recounted above. I do believe what I heard recently; that 90% of all cell phone conversations consist of “Hi, I’m [here], I’m on my way [there], I should be [there] in about a half an hour.”
When I heard 15 ring-tones (at full volume!) go off inside 2 minutes on a public ferry, I’m guessing ALL of the conversations were variations on the above. I mean really, who among us is THAT important (other than me, of course)?

Alex Bell says:

Re: Re: Re: banal conversations

Thank you.
A recent MSNBC article (now linked to from everywhere) is titled, “Why do cell phones make us stupid?” I think the stupid is already there; the cell phone just brings it out into the open. Noisily.
What I find most disturbing is that, despite no shortage of “cell phone etiquette” rules – not to mention glaring looks – people continue to use their phones like jerks. This rude, arrogant and selfish attitude speaks volumes of what we’ve become. While I don’t care if all the world doesn’t love me, I’d rather not be labeled “asshole” be even a few. Cell phone users appear to wear “asshole” as if it were a badge of pride.

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