Spam Taking Over

from the it's-everywhere dept

I have to admit, that despite a few small bugs, since I signed up to use SpamCop, very few spam emails have been getting through. I’d say I now get about four or five spam emails a day, down from about 50. While I still have to go in and delete them from SpamCop, I get to do that when I have the time, and not when I have to search through all the crap to find my real email. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s pretty good. I know people have been saying good things about SpamAssassin, Cloudmark, ChoiceMail and other spam fighting tools as well. However, it’s really sad that things have gotten to this point. Unfortunately, it sounds like it’s only going to get worse. According to a number of sources, spam now makes up somewhere in the range of 35% of all email sent. Most people spend a significant amount of time deleting their spam each day, which is a drain on productivity, and it also makes any legitimate email marketing ridiculously less effective – since people are now conditioned to simply delete anything that looks like an advertisement.

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