The Name Of The Video Game Is Gore

from the if-it-sells... dept

An interesting contrast to the article we had last week that had some great responses to those concerned about violence in video games is this article that talks about how ultra-violent video games are selling like mad, and many video game companies are looking to imitate some of the crazier games with their own, even crazier, games. They point out that the main reason these games started taking off was that Rockstar Games (makes of Grand Theft Auto 3) realized that the Atari & Colecovision generation that played games 20 years ago still wanted to play games – so they started focusing on games adults would like. The fact that teens also want those games is just a nice side effect. The article is interspersed with all sorts of “concerned” comments from people worried about these video games. It seems to me that if the folks who were so concerned about violent video games spent half the amount of time they spend trying to force their views on other parents and kids talking to their own children, we wouldn’t have so many problems. The fact is that lots of teens are going to play games like these, and if they have been brought up well, and are well adjusted to society, then the games are fun (and funny!). Anyone who takes what’s in a videogame and ends up acting it out in real life clearly had other problems to begin with.

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