May Get Killed By A Strike

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A few years ago, anyone could listen to radio broadcasts of Major League Baseball games over at Yahoo!. It was great, and it worked really well. Then, Major League Baseball itself took over, and decided that instead of spreading the game to more people, they wanted to limit it to just the few more obsessive fans who need to hear the games online (a group of people that includes me). So, they created and started charging $15 or so for an entire season of baseball games. $15 isn’t very much, but it automatically cuts out the casual fan – which baseball needs right now. They also had insane technical problems and terrible tech support (from personal experience). They’ve started getting their act together (though, I still have problems with how you have to sign in)… just in time for MLB to go on strike, and folks there are worried that it will absolutley kill The article also points out that they’re disappointed with how few people (155,000) have signed up to listen to the games online. Maybe a strike (and the need to bring back the many fans who are going to ditch the game) will convince MLB to start letting people listen to the games for free again.

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