Mobile Phones For Dogs

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Nokia has been saying for a while now that they want to keep growing the market for mobile phones by making it cool for people to have multiple phones. One for every day of the week, or for every occasion, I imagine. However, according to the Register some are realizing that there’s no need to stop at humans when growing the mobile phone market. Why not move on to mobile phones for dogs? These devices combine a mobile phone with GPS so you can track down your dog as well. Of course, if you can track them down via GPS why do you need to call them? According to the article, the product is focused on hunting dogs, and hearing what kind of bark they have will help indicate what sort of animal they have found. It’s amazing what you can convince people with too much money to do. Why not make the whole thing remote controlled, so that hunters can just sit at their computers and direct a slew of dogs, and x10 controlled guns strung up on trees? Maybe that’s what we can use MMS picture messaging for… so you can see exactly what the dog sees. Ah. A real killer app.

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Comments on “Mobile Phones For Dogs”

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Gene Hoffman (user link) says:


Err… Just because there is a gps receiver on your dog doesn’t mean you can read it. If you can’t find him, you need a remote way to read the GPS co-ordinates, and being able to ping the device and have it return lat/lon would be kinda cool.

I know I have one dog that I wouldn’t mind having on it. It certainly mean less tears and uncertainty from the little ones when fido is MIA.

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