The Downside To Spam Filtering – Part II

from the sounds-familiar dept

Sometimes I wonder just how many news stories are written by a reporter who sees the same stories in one location, and figures they can copy it for their own story. Last week we posted an article from SFGate talking about the downsides to spam filters, which can block legitimate email and cause all sorts of problems for newsletter writers who have to censor themselves. The Pioneer Press from Minnesota has basically written the same exact article, and even quote some of the same people. As a random aside, after getting too sick of all the spam I’d been getting, I finally signed up for SpamCop tonight. I realize there are other (often free) solutions, but SpamCop seems to be pretty good (despite them accusing me of being a spammer in the past) and I have to admit that I get a bit of glee clicking the “report spammer” button each time. So far (in 3 hours) it’s caught about 10 spam messages, and blocked one legitimate email (from a mailing list) that was quickly added to my whitelist.

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