ISP To Block RIAA From Accessing Their Network

from the unconfirmed-but-novel-idea dept

Joe Schmoe writes “Information Wave Technologies has announced it will actively deny the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from accessing the contents of its network. Earlier this year, the RIAA announced its new plan to access computers without owner’s consent for the sake of protecting its assets. Information Wave believes this policy puts its customers at risk of unintentional damage, corporate espionage, and invasion of privacy to say the least…” This is a fantastic idea, and goes along with my earlier request that we should sue some ISPs to force them to block access to any information about the RIAA since it’s so dangerous to your average citizen.

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Comments on “ISP To Block RIAA From Accessing Their Network”

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Hasher J. Brown says:

Re: And?

I had to re-read that section too. I think the author is trying to say:

We will put blank mp3’s up with popular song names and anyone who downloads them and THEN ATTEMPTS to access our network will be blacklisted. So when the RIAA downloaded one of these fake mp3’s and attempts to DOS your machine, the ISP will notice that and then block the RIAA.

TONY DANZA 2 says:

Re: Re: And?

Well I think it’s primarily in response to companies like Ranger On-Line, who spot a file on Gnutella clients, and then snoop around the host network to see which IP address and what network is hosting.

IWT basically is just saying they’ll throw some bait out of these bounty hunters, and then ban them when they show their face.

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