College Roommates Meet Via Email, Learn Nothing

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Before I went to college (in the days before everyone had email) I was sent the phone number of my roommate to be. I called him up and talked with him a while and we agreed on what we would bring and things like that. He seemed nice enough over the phone. What I didn’t realize was that we wouldn’t get along at all (there was a small issue with him spending a lot of time trying to convert me to his particular religion – which he left out of the phone conversation). These days, that conversation has switched to email or instant messaging (NY Times free fake registration required). High school students think that they get to know their future roommates better this way, but plenty of researchers disagree, saying that the “text-based” version of the person is often quite different than they are in real life.

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Comments on “College Roommates Meet Via Email, Learn Nothing”

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bballmama says:

Back to school

I think that many people are used to lying about themselves through chat or email. This would be the least likely way to find out if you’re a compatible roommie. I have a friend whose child went to college this year. The roommies discovered that they both really really liked music. WHat the new girl failed to mention is that she only liked 1940s stuff and was bringing her own collection of records to play while she studies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Why would you call/email your roommate?

If you felt that you couldn’t get along would the school allow you to switch roommates? College is supposed to prepare you for the real world. This should include people who have a different religion or musical preference. Who knows… it could give you a new perspective on life.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Why would you call/email your roommate?

Please. I have to spend 9-to-12 hours each day (working) with folks I don’t really like. In the remaining 12 hours in the day, I attempt to sleep, maintain my household, and interact with my community.

The balance is most assuredly skewed. The message is “use your time in college getting used to spending a LOT of time with folks you may not like.”

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