Write Code, Not Petitions

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For a few years now there have been plenty of stories about how techies need to become more active in the political process. The thinking was that bad laws, and other “anti-Silicon Valley” measures were passed mainly because techies and geeks didn’t have a coherent voice in Washington DC. So, more and more geeks have signed petitions, written Congresscritters and so on. However, Declan McCullagh’s latest column suggests that geeks writing petitions and emailing their representatives doesn’t do much good. We’re better off just writing code which pushes the boundaries of the law anyway. While I agree that writing code that can, in some ways, outpace the law, I don’t think we should ignore Washington DC altogether. I believe that DC needs a good education in just how badly they’re screwing things up.

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Comments on “Write Code, Not Petitions”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

The Pols in DC don’t care how bad they are screwing things up. They only care about getting re-elected. If keeping the geeks happy is the key to an election, we’ll own them.

The system is skewered to make sure we can’t seize control either. So I think Declan is on the right path – work on avoiding the long arm of DC, cause we are not going to change anything.

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