Sprint 3G: Who Cares?

from the terrible-introduction dept

We covered the launch of Sprint’s nationwide not-really-3G system over at Techdirt Wireless. I’ve been talking about it to people for a while with the expectation that maybe (just maybe) they wouldn’t screw it up. Of course, that appears to have been wishful thinking. The early response from everyone who’s looked at the Sprint launch is a collective shrug. They did a terrible job. They’re unlikely to sign up many people for a variety of reasons. First, the pricing is ridiculous. It won’t entice anyone. Pricing per megabyte is never going to attract people to use the system. Most people have no clue how many megabytes they use – and having to worry about it isn’t appealing. Until the wireless carriers realize that flat-rate pricing of some sort is needed, they’re not going to get anywhere. The second major problem is that they’ve done an awful job of explaining the actual benefits of wireless data – and I can only assume that’s because they don’t understand it themselves.

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