The Internet Power Grab

from the what-are-you-doing? dept

An interesting column in Fast Company basically yelling at folks in Silicon Valley for not actually doing anything about all these laws coming up that are clearly bad. Yes, many people are yelling and complaining online about these things, but there hasn’t been the same sort of political action that the writer believes would have happened five years ago. I’m not so sure that’s true. I think groups like DigitalConsumer and others have shown that political response has become more organized these days than it was five years ago. The problem is that many people are more concerned about actually finding a job than protesting stupid policymakers. Furthermore, people are paying a lot less attention to what people are saying in Silicon Valley. Five years ago people were afraid that if Silicon Valley disagreed, the economy could collapse. Now, the economy has collapsed, and Silicon Valley looks like a bunch of whiners.

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