Danger Hiptop Reviewed

Walt Mossberg reviews the Danger Hiptop and also reveals details about its pricing plan and launch. The device will launch in October (ugh) and will be priced at $199 after a rebate. Service is aggressively priced at $39.99 for unlimted data, 200 weekday minutes and 1000 weekend minutes. Mossberg loved all the data features. Email access works great and the Danger mobile web browsing experience is the best that he’s used. But the phone functionality is clumsy and won’t be good for heavy talkers. Also the the optional camera doesn’t take very good pictures and the PIM features are basic and don’t sync with any desktop clients yet. Overall though the complete package is reasonably priced and hits the mark on email and web access. This, much more than the Sprint offering is going to be the watershed data product in the US. Now if it only had a color screen.

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