NIPC Crying Wolf

from the co-dependant-breakup? dept

I saw the “hacker attack warning” first published at the Washington Post Monday night. I didn’t post it, because I tend not to post hacker/virus “warnings”, since almost all of them are pure overhype. It was fun yesterday to watch, one-by-one, as other news sites picked up on the supposed “warning” later and later into the day. Yet, there didn’t seem to be any actual hacking going on. Today, Wired has an article with people taking guesses at why the warning was issued. It seems that most people didn’t take it seriously anyway. If anything, security experts spent more time trying to figure out why the NIPC put out the “alert” than they did preparing for the non-existent DOS attacks. The best theory is Rob Rosenberger’s (of vmyths), that this is a sign of NIPC reacting to their “co-dependent breakup” with CERT. This is NIPC’s way of crying out for attention.

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