Visa Not Guilty Of Internet Defamation

from the tough-sell dept

Online transaction company ZixIt probably wishes this court case could have happened a few years ago. Right now, it’s pretty difficult to convince a jury that they would have been worth $1 billion if only it hadn’t been for some nutty VP at Visa who posted 400 negative messages to their Yahoo stock message board. The jury decided that Visa was not to blame for the failure of ZixIt, which makes sense. With so many companies failing for so many reasons, it’s pretty tough to prove that random messages on any stock message board could be responsible for the downfall of the company. It’s also interesting to note (though, pretty obvious why) that ZixIt never sued the guy himself, but went after the big (rich) Visa International that he worked for. What I can’t understand is why a VP at Visa would waste so much time posting negative messages about some tiny competitor.

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